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Love Your Retirement: A Guide to Thriving in Your 60s and Beyond

Retirement is a milestone many look forward to, but it can also be scary. As you go from a structured work life to a more laid-back pace, you wonder how to make the most of this new chapter. In this post, we’ll look at ways to love your retirement and live the best life in your 60s and beyond.

Hobbies and Interests

One secret to a happy retirement is doing things that bring you joy and purpose.

Consider trying new hobbies or rekindling old passions. Whether it’s golf, a social club, or learning a new skill, these activities will help you fill your time and feel fulfilled.

Hobbies also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your social circle.
Many of our retired clients have found joining local clubs like Probus can provide additional friendship and stimulation through retirement.

Bucket List

Retirement is the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Creating a bucket list will give you motivation and excitement for the years to come. Travel to exotic places, try new foods, learn a new language—the options are endless.

With the right financial advice you can make your bucket list a reality. Having a bucket list ready to go is a great way to get the most out of your financial planning, as the plan you work towards can be set with the financial requirements of achieving those goals in mind.

There is nothing more powerful than having your known destinations and experiences placed into your retirement planning so you have permission to do the things you have on your list.. Once you know your financial numbers – anything is possible!

Transitioning into Retirement

For some, the idea of full retirement can be scary. If you’re not quite ready to hang up your professional hat, consider easing into retirement by working part-time, casually or freelance. This way, you can stay busy, earn extra income and maintain social connections while gradually adjusting to your new life.

The most important thing is having choices and flexibility. We find it so empowering to tell our clients they are continuing to work out of choice and not because they financially need to. Knowing your numbers provides this peace of mind.

Health Checks

As you start your retirement journey, it’s important to prioritise your health. Before you start new activities or travel plans, make sure you’ve had all your health checks.

Addressing any health issues early on will prevent obstacles to your retirement goals and let you enjoy your well-earned downtime.

Be proactive with your health and get all your regular check-ups, including any tests that are recommended at your age.
Regular health checks, a healthy diet and exercise will help you stay physically and mentally well in your retirement years.

We have wonderful medical advancement however it is not useful to us unless we step into our health checks and medical services before something significant presents itself. The Australian Bureau of Statistics provided a survey in 2022 and it was found that eight in 10 (81.4%) of people had at least one long-term health condition.

Always communicate with us about your health impacts as you may have personal insurances which may be claimed. Remember, investing in your health is as important as investing in your financial future.

Maintaining Mental Engagement In Community

Maintaining some mental engagement in community activities during retirement has a number of proven benefits.

Some of the key advantages include improved mental health benefits, enhanced cognitive function, which can lead to a delayed onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and a sense of belonging and purpose.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing report found that 42.9% of people aged 16–85 years had experienced a mental health issue at some time in their life.

Being a part of the community can also help foster a sense of purpose and belonging, which can enhance life satisfaction and overall well-being, while it can also benefit physical health by staying active and engaged via participating in activities.

Don’tlet anyone tell you that you can’t learn new tricks, with opportunities for learning skills available for retirees.

Having a support network within the community also provides additional security should you need any assistance in case of an emergency or health issue.

Overall, having mental engagement in community activities during retirement offers a number of benefits that enhance our overall well-being, while also providing a sense of safety and purpose. It is important to communicate with us about your mental health as it may be possible to claim personal insurance for these conditions.

Get Financial Advice To Live Your Best Life in Retirement

While enjoying the lifestyle of retirement is important, having a solid financial foundation is just as important. Getting advice from a trusted financial advisor will help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning and ensure your nest egg supports your lifestyle.

At Wealth Architects our team of experts will provide you with personalised financial advice to suit your individual needs and goals.

Don’t let financial stress prevent you from enjoying your retirement years. Contact Wealth Architects today to book an appointment and start building your financial future and living your best life in retirement.

Remember, retirement is a time to celebrate your achievements, pursue your interests and create lasting memories with loved ones. By finding fulfilling activities, creating a bucket list, easing into retirement, prioritising your health and getting expert financial advice, you can make the most of this amazing chapter in your life.

Knowing your financial position and what it can provide for you over your lifetime is powerful and a very important part of your journey with us. It is just so important to enjoy your journey and live well through your retirement!



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