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Keep Your Festive Season Finances in Check: 5 Budgeting Tips for Christmas 2023

Keep Your Festive Season Finances in Check: 5 Budgeting Tips for Christmas 2023

The sleigh bells are ringing, carols playing in shops, and decorated trees going up – the festive season is fast approaching! While it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most expensive.

Between gifts, holiday events, entertainment, and more, costs quickly add up. Even with the best intentions, many Australians overspend and then regret it when the credit card bills arrive in January.

However, you can avoid kicking off 2024 with a financial hangover. With practical budgeting techniques, you can happily indulge in Christmas festivities without derailing other financial goals. This article provides 5 tips from a financial planner to keep your seasonal spending in check while making magical memories with loved ones.


Tip 1: Make a Holiday Spending Plan

The first step to sensible Christmas spending is developing a detailed holiday budget. Carefully go through all anticipated festive costs for December 2023 and allocate a maximum spending amount to each:

Analyse Regular Income and Expenses

Review your typical monthly income, bills, and other living expenses to understand available surplus cash flow heading into December. Exclude one-off activity like bonuses or tax refunds.

Set Your Total Holiday Spending Cap

Based on expected excess income each month, set a hard overall cap for holiday spending that doesn’t impact regular 2024 saving capacity. As a guide, limiting it to 1-2 months’ surplus funds keeps things reasonable.

Prioritise Your Gift Recipient List

Make a list of intended gift recipients and rank them from highest to lowest gift budget priority. For example, immediate family may get $100 each but casual acquaintances just $20 gifts.

Allow For Other Holiday Expenses

On top of gifts, remember to budget for items like special foods/drinks, Christmas event tickets, deco

rations, holiday attire, cards and postage. Build in contingency for unexpected expenses too.


Tip 2: Use Smart Payment Methods

Carefully considering available funds sources helps control overall spending:

Use Cash to Cap Unplanned Buying

Take out enough physical cash to cover gift purchases and discretionary expenses based on your budget. It visually limits spending. Automated payments make it too easy to overspend.

Use Credit Strategically

For significant planned purchases like airline tickets, it may be prudent to use a form of credit with a clear repayment plan in place by your first 2024 pay cycle. Avoid paying interest by clearing the balance.


Tip 3: Shop Early and Look for Sales

Getting organised early around purchasing gifts, food and other holiday items often saves substantially:

Capitalise on Pre-Holiday Sales Periods

Keep an eye out around late November for massive discounts offered during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. Retailers also offer deep discounts in early December.

Shop Earlier to Spread Costs

Rather than leaving it to the last minute, begin making purchases from October onwards. This avoids a huge one-month hit to cash flow in December and makes costs more manageable.

Avoid Impulse Buying Closer to Christmas

With frenzied shopping activity closer to the 25th, it’s easy to make pressured impulse purchase decisions you later regret. Shopping earlier minimises this.


Tip 4: Get Creative with Gift Ideas

Rethinking traditional gift-giving approaches can control costs while allowing personalised options:

Make Thoughtful Homemade Gifts

Spend time instead of money creating something unique like baked goods, art, or craft items specifically for gift recipients. This also shows deeper care and connection.

Give “Experience” Gifts Over Physical Items

Rather than material presents, gift event tickets, massages, facials or touring to build memories. This explores interests while avoiding waste from unwanted items.

Consider Vouchers for Flexible Purchasing

Retail gift cards allow people to pick something they really want. Home improvement store cards also enable DIY purchases.


Tip 5: Get Support From Family

Open conversations set clear expectations, and sharing key tasks reduces strain:

Discuss Budget Limitations Early

Communicate to family in November that finances are tight so that gifts may be more modest. This provides courtesy guidance to align expectations about gifts people may receive.

Suggest Lower Cost Gift Alternatives

To ease burdens, provide reasonably priced gift ideas or recommend limits if organizing group gifts. Handmade presents also show thoughtfulness over money.

Involve Others in Preparations

Ask guests to help out by bringing food, drinks, crackers or decorations for Christmas events. Sharing these costs reduces the burden and brings people together.

The more all families can understand money constraints without judgement and come together collaboratively around preparation, the more enjoyment focusing on quality time together brings.

Get a head start on your financial future for 2024 and beyond

While the sleigh bells ring and carols play, remembering key budgeting techniques helps balance holiday magic with financial sanity. A bit of planning, sales smarts, creativity and openness with family prevents overspending and regret.

Most importantly, the point of the season is not lavish commercialism but invaluable connections with loved ones. So explore inexpensive ways to kindle that priceless Christmas sparkle.

Then, reset financially in January by speaking with one of our expert Wealth Architects’ financial planners. We’ll collaboratively create a tailored plan mapping out your money priorities through 2024 and beyond.

With personalised strategies optimising spending, savings and investing aligned with your goals, you can confidently cover next Christmas without financial hangovers. And enjoy more of the festive wonder you value most.

Contact Wealth Architects today to book your discovery meeting with a financial planning specialist. We look forward to guiding you towards the life you deserve – both during the silly season and as you embark on an abundant 2024.


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