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How we help

Our Process

In many ways we can draw parallels with our process to that of an architect. This is what you can expect from working with us:


Let's understand why you are seeking advice, your current position and where you stand financially.


We spend a great deal of time understanding who, and what is important to you and help you design the life you want to.


This is where we put into practice decades of combined experience and provide the blueprint to start building your ideal life. We do this by using strategies that are smart, safe and effective.

Project Manage

Our aim is to make the process as pain free as possible for you. From filling out paperwork to liaising with 3rd parties, we do all the leg work, implement everything, and keep you updated every step of the way.

Ongoing Partnership

Our process does not stop once we have implemented our plan. We'll continually understand what's important to you, keep you financially organised and accountable to the plan, and act as an ongoing sounding board.

Our Specialties

Strategy Analysis
Everything we do boils down to giving you the highest probability of achieving the life that you want to live. That’s why we spend a lot of time researching, analysing and preparing financial projections before we put pen to paper.

Cashflow & Budgeting
Cashflow is the lifeblood of any financial plan and we use a very simple structure to maximise your ability to save.

Debt Management
There is good debt and bad debt. We work to accelerate the repayment of bad debt and use good debt where it’s appropriate to increase the probability of achieving your goals.

Tax Planning
Tax is inevitable; however, it can be reduced by effectively structuring your assets and income.

Investment Management
We are unbiased to property, shares or even cash in the bank. All have their place, but what we care about is implementing an investment strategy that you understand, are comfortable with and is aligned with your goals.

It’s generally the most tax effective vehicle to store and accumulate your wealth, and hence it is a fundamental part of our strategy. Choosing the right fund is not just about fees and performance, it’s about understanding your objectives and how much control you would like.

Retirement Planning
Retirement is a significant financial milestone and getting clarity around your retirement goals is just as important as getting the strategy right. In this process we will answer 3 simple questions: How much money do you need? Where will your money come from? How long will this last?

Planning for the Unexpected
Things don’t always go according to plan and when they don’t, it pays to have a safety net. We put a protection strategy in place that you can depend on in the event you, your spouse or your key staff are unable to work due to injury, illness or death.

Estate Planning
It’s important to ensure that your wealth is transferred effectively and in accordance with your wishes, and not anyone else’s. It’s also important that you have someone you trust to make decisions for you if you can’t make them yourself.

Social Security
You have paid tax your whole life, so we work hard to review and maximise your entitlements with Centrelink.

Aged Care Strategies
Planning the move into aged care can be stressful whether it’s for you or your family members. We can minimise this stress by helping you make informed decisions based on sound advice.

Our Advice Partners

We can’t do everything, and we rely on key partners to deliver our plan. This reduces the number of people you deal with, which can save you time and money.

Whilst we have sourced highly reputable specialists to partner with, we are more than happy to work with any of your existing advisors.

  • Accountants
  • Lawyers (commercial, property, estate planning)
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Property advocates
  • General insurance brokers